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Water Rushing noise - steam Convector

Hello guys

So i have a steam convector. Attached is the picture. Problem is that i hear the water noise. This means that i need to pitch it. But how? This radiator/convector seems to be built in the cover it seems. Can it be piched right?

Could you plz guide me here? Please take a look at the pictures.



  • neilcneilc Posts: 652Member
    so, is this radiator closest to the boiler?
    are any others making any noise?
    Is this a new noise or has it been there a while?

    I think maybe we need to look at the boiler, and it's pressure,
    post a picture of the pipes above the boiler to the ceiling, from the boiler up,
    what do you see for a high pressure on the boiler gage? picture?
    post a picture of the pressuretrol, small grey box mounted on a curled or looped pipe.
  • FredFred Posts: 7,731Member
    When did you start hearing the water noise? What is the Pressuretrol set at? Water/condensate noises can also be caused by system pressure being high enough that condensate can't return while steam is pushing into the radiator/convector. Make sure the Pressuretrol is set to .5 Cut-in and the Differential is set to "1". Also, make sure the pigtail (looped pipe) that the Pressuretrol is mounted on is not clogged.
  • kevinjames79kevinjames79 Posts: 67Member
    This is the farthest from the boiler. This is gound level. This sloshing sound has been there since i bought the house last year.

    Althought there are a lot of issues in the systen but the sloshing water sound only comes from this one.

    Pressuretrol is set to .5 to 1. Pigtail is clean.

  • FredFred Posts: 7,731Member
    Is there any play in that unit? From the looks of that wood trim piece on the left side, it may have been shifted an inch or two at some point in time. If that trim piece comes off, you may be able to adjust it a little. Can you put a level on the top and see which way it is pitched? Those radiators/convectors that connect to the supply pipe that runs back towards the center of the convector can be tricky to properly pitch.
  • neilcneilc Posts: 652Member
    did anyone mess with that valve?
    is it open, all the way?
    looks like a new floor, or refinished(?)
    is it possible that cabinet is down as suggested above?
    can you see the pipes from the basement?
    are they properly pitched?
  • kevinjames79kevinjames79 Posts: 67Member
    There does not seem to be any play in the unit. Although i have not taken off the wood trim. But it seens very solid.

    Floor is new. Valve is old ( very old) and seems open. I cannot see the pipe coming from the basement.

  • FredFred Posts: 7,731Member
    When the new floor was installed, did they pull the old flooring out from under the legs of that unit? If so, it looks like the convector may have dropped down a half to 3/4". Can you tell from the basement which pipe runs out, horizontally, from the main to the vertical pipe that goes up to that convector? If that horizontal pipe has lost its pitch (maybe because the convector was allowed to drop), water may be sitting in that pipe and the water you hear may be actually noise radiating up through the piping.
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