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Aprilaire vs. American Standard steam humidifier

KOGKOG Posts: 1Member
Had an American Standard steam humidifier installed in the fall, as part of a system replacement, model AHUMD800. Now need to replace the steam canister, part number 8043RP. In searching online, I had a hard time finding the American Standard part; only one website, and it seems sketchy. But I also got a Google result for the Aprilaire 80 canister, which is for the Aprilaire model 800 steam humidifier. The online pictures of the Aprilaire humidifier, and associated canister, are IDENTICAL to the American Standard. So I'm wondering, are the canisters interchangeable? Lots of places sell the Aprilaire canister.

Second question: is it normal for these humidifiers/canisters to lose capacity over a season? I cleaned out the canister yesterday; it had significant mineral deposits. But I noticed that the electrode plates inside the canister appeared to be corroded and covered in scale. Wondering if that's causing reduced steam capacity that we're seeing.


  • SuperTechSuperTech Posts: 932Member
    Not sure how compatible the canisters are. But everything you described is normal. The canisters need to be replaced annually.
  • the_donutthe_donut Posts: 374Member
    You can clean it in vinegar to get the scale off, but as supertech said, humidifier canisters get changed out after every heating season.
  • unclejohnunclejohn Posts: 1,353Member
    Look on your model tag if it says research products it is made by Aprilaire.
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