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Warner Webster steam system

AMservicesAMservices Member Posts: 289
This is the first Warner Webster steam system I've seen in person.
It makes me happy to see a vacuum system ready to be put back to the way it was intended to work.

The boiler is leaking. I found the leak during service. Customer said he was using a lot of water, so I gave it the fill test and there it is
So now that we know the boiler needs to go, I would like to hear some opinions on what boiler you guys would install.
I'm looking a the Burnham v9-4 because has a push nipple heat exchanger, that I like better then gaskets between the sections and it's a perfect fit for the EDR.
Both me and another plumber found a EDR of 1550 across 38 radiators (372,000 btu) . The customer had the asbestos removed from the pipes, but is planing on replacing with fiberglass. He may chose to put some ceiling mounted radiators back in the basement, so I'm using a 1.33 pickup factor that had me looking for a boiler with 500,000 BTU. The Burnham is 485k and I'm going to stage fire the boiler.
There are 12 radiators that have old Honeywell TRV's and the almost all the others radiators still have the original Webster modulation supply valves and all have original Webster sylphon traps.
I tried turning one of the supply valves. It would only turn closed, and wouldn't open. Can I take that vale apart and clean it without breaking it? If they don't work, they need to be fixed, so is there a good packless valve I can put in that will work the same as the Webster valve?
The Webster air eliminator is a thing of beauty. A little brass ball sits over a hole, vents air and doesn't let it back in. It's so great, how could it break? Why would I change that? Should I do anything with the air eliminator or return trap? I'm thinking if it's not leaking, I'm not touching it with anything but a dust rag.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Normally I'd be trying to put a vacuum pump on a steam system.
This one is nice the way it is.

Oh yeah, that little hot water boiler. Some one put that in doing 3 radiators in the kitchen, office and sitting room.
Those are going right back on the steam lines.


  • nicholas bonham-carternicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 6,944
    Are you comparing the radiator EDR directly with the boiler EDR on the rating plate. That already has the 33% pickup factor built in.—NBC
  • AMservicesAMservices Member Posts: 289
    No. I'm going off the BTU output.
  • Looks like a really fun project!

    I'd probably go with a Weil 580. I think the gaskets have proven themselves (if installed correctly of course), and they are a lot easier to assemble.

    Plus Burnham makes me nervous, given their history. But the V9-4 would be the correct size.

    As far as the air eliminator, I like to take them apart, clean them up, and repaint. Here's a Dunham I did awhile back, same idea.

    Keep us posted!
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  • AMservicesAMservices Member Posts: 289
    Thank you for confirming my sizing. I like the red paint job. Find anything good in that?
    I know Burnham had problems with the V8 model. Haven't heard much about the V9. That's why I ask
  • The shape reminded the owners of a heart, so they referred to it as "The Heart of The House".

    So I thought red would be appropriate in this instance...
    Serving Rhode Island & Eastern Massachusetts
    Old Houses & Steam Heat Our Specialty
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