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-0.51 bar (-15 Hg) to -0.21 bar (-6.2 Hg) vacuum drop & thanks

belham Member Posts: 32
edited February 2018 in Oil Heating
Hi all,

Just wanted to come on & say thank you to everyone who responded to my previous threads. We had a bit of break in the weather today (went above zero, yippee!), so I went out & decided to see if I could do something about the horrible vacuum readings I'd been having, along with nozzle drip.

I think the pics say it all. I dug a partial trench out on the existing lines (I'm still replacing them when warm weather arrives) so I could get wiggle room on the lines to disconnect the Afriso Miniflex on top of my underground tank. Once I did that, I pulled the Afriso out, and was shocked. The so-called mazout technician who installed this system in it & the underground lines (for previous owner) somehow saw it as correct to let the hanging NBR 9mm ID hose-suction line lay with over 2 foot of length on the bottom of my 3000l underground tank. To say it was gunked & nearly 100% clogged up, along with parts of my suction line coming from the top of the tank, is/was an understatement. We bought the house in 2005, and for 13 years it has existed this way & continued to get worse. Think about that, 13 years, with over 2 ft of suction lying on the bottom of a 3000L tank & sucking up everything left & right, man, we were fortunate. I think things only survived because of the testament to the heartiness and robustness of the Weishaupt oil burner I have. True to German legend, this burner model lives up to its nickname (in German, they call--translated--The Indestructible).

Anyhow, here's the pics & what I did, and also pics of what the new reading of the vacuum is at rest (-0.075 bar2.2 HG) and when the Weishaupt is running (-0.21 bar, 6.2 Hg) and a few pics of my underground tank, lines, manhole cover area & also my two cast iron boilers in the utility room with the Weishaupt on one (the right side one).

Thank you everyone again!



    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 8,555
    @belham , that's great news. Good detective work. Maybe you don't have to replace the oil lines after all.

    Hopefully this will fix your nozzle after drip.

    Let us know!!
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