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Sizing Freestanding Steam Radiator -> Recessed

Hi All - I'm doing some renovations and need to relocate an existing freestanding 2 column steam radiator that's ~27" high and has 8 sections. The new radiator will be in the same location but recessed into the wall.

How do ensure I get the right sized radiator for this space?


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,616
    Recessing a radiator reduces it's output. How does the space heat now?? Is this on the first floor where you will have access to the piping from below?
  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,542
    Current radiator is about 21.4 EDR. Recessing a new one in the wall, I would add maybe 30% more EDR, like about 28 EDR. I assume you will insulate behind it, if on an outside wall ???
  • oldsteamer
    oldsteamer Member Posts: 8
    This is on the first floor, with access to piping below. Seems to heat the space just fine now, it'll be recessed into an interior wall.

    Is 30% the right factor for recessed?

    Knowing that I'm opening the walls I'm OK building in extra capacity beyond the loss factor from being recessed as once its in, it's in, and you can't get more heat out of a smaller radiator.

    My other option would be a wall mounted, like the steamview, which is pretty slim. If going for the steamview, I wouldn't need to upsize (but again, a bit couldn't hurt).