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Cranston High School CO,131162

Just amazes me how many ignorant people claim to be experts, or was that the plan of the school in the first place. I am sure the school didn't want anyone to find a problem.


  • RayWohlfarthRayWohlfarth Member Posts: 802
    That is so scary. I cannot imagine someone would do that but have seen buildings with HVAC system in bad condition and no one seems to care. Thanks for sharing
    Ray Wohlfarth
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  • adasilvaadasilva Member Posts: 141
    Typical of RI to just pass over any real problem that my need attention. What will happen if someone , if not more than one die because of the lack of due diligence by the person in control? Sad to think that this is in my home state......................
    New England SteamWorks
  • captaincocaptainco Member Posts: 450
    Don't feel bad, it happens in all states.
  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 4,111
    Why not buy some personal CO monitors, one for each teacher. If I had to work at that school, I'd get one pronto.
  • LeonardLeonard Member Posts: 903
    Here in NH to save money there is no maintenance man assigned to buildings. When problems happen a guy is assigned to go out and fix things. Sounds like no more preventative maintenance.
  • Bob HarperBob Harper Member Posts: 822
    That letter needs to be sent certified mail return receipt to the State and local Fire Marshals along with all media
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