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No natural gas for 9 hr , outside temp - 32 C or -25.6 F , 20 mph wind

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edited January 13 in Radiant Heating
Hello All : We had a main natural gas transmission line ruptured that runs at 800 PSI for winter and 600 PSI summer , shut off gas to 4500 customers , me included for 9 hrs . Very pleased, the temp in the garage , heated with a Viesman boiler only dropped from 16 C (60 F) to 14 C (57 F ) , as I have read that large thermal mass saved the day . In my house , I had to open the electric range and use a fan to keep the house warm ( switched the furnace fan to on ) , the house dropped from 21 C (70 F) to 19.5 C (67 F) . Not too bad at all ..


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