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thermostat, 2 questions.

schreib Member Posts: 130
I have a new home, radiant slab on grade heating system with Lochinvar Knight wh55 boiler and Pro One thermostats with in floor slab sensors -- additionally they REGULATE the heat control using a thermistor in the unit -- air sensing.

1)I have one stat that is not located in the zone correctly and the sensor is affected by the adjacent zone instead of the zone it is meant to control / heat. I will likely have to move it physically to another wall IN the correct area. Can you suggest a better Thermostat? Not that the ProOne has any problems but I will lose the in slab sensor (since it must be moved) and have to make do with the thermistor in the stat only.

2nd question: The Pro One stats I have(7) all use the slab sensor ONLY as over heat or LOW limit control stops. These sensors do NOTHING to send back a signal that ends up controlling the actual temp except to prevent over or under heat situations. Does any manufacturer offer a stat that DOES use the slab as it's main sensor to control with? If NOT, why not? I must not understand the control strategy. . . ! Thanks.


  • Snowmelt
    Snowmelt Member Posts: 1,405
    one word tekmar
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,506
    Tekmar's thermostats can be set for slab sensing only. But they caution about over/under shoot.
    Why can't you move the existing thermostat, and extend the wiring on the slab sensor?
    Actually if the thermostat is only sensing slab temp, why does it matter what room it is in (for air temps), and why is it being tricked by the 'other room'? Or are you saying you want to move thermostat and sensor.
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,752
    The Tekmar S501 gives you room sensor or slab sensor or both.
  • schreib
    schreib Member Posts: 130
    thanks all. You are right: one word: Tekmar. Planning to use 519 Tekmar. Only prob is that I am forced to remove my ProOne sensor (100Kohm) since it will not run the Tekmar head(uses 10Kohm sensor). This means: cut into the sheet rock and repair and repaint. . . arrrgh. I have tweaked the ProOne to get it to run the floor sensor instead of air sensor. First i will see if that is successful. again. Thanks!
  • schreib
    schreib Member Posts: 130
    I first problem I found I can buy a $25 remote sensor from ProOne and program stat to disable the head sensor. This should work.