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Operation of Slant/Fin SE-70 boiler

cwc Member Posts: 21
This fall I had a slant/fin SE-70 boiler installed in my 1100 sq. ft. house in Minnesota. The system uses cast baseboard heaters.
I took some data and I'd like comments on whether it seems reasonable.
I can't insert the data for some reason, but the link below will display it.
[img]http://www.mediafire.com/view/61le6ds6e8ksf1m/Screenshot 2017-12-08 14.38.34 - Copy.png[/img]
Temp change is the lowest and highest temp while the circulator is running.
Circ Off Temp is the highest temp after the circulator turns off.
There was a 20+ mph wind during the test.
The thermostat was set at 70° and the indicated temp at the thermostat remained
at 70° during the test.


  • Keith M
    Keith M Member Posts: 78
    Slant/Fin residential gas-fired non-condensing hot water boilers are packaged with the Hydrolevel Hydrostat control. We do have a few default settings that are different than the aftermarket control.
    Simply put, this control changes the target heating water temperature based on the frequency and duration of the calls for heat. This function is adjustable. If I understood your data correctly the calls for heat are rather short. With this in mind I recommend the "economy setting" is adjusted to a higher number. The result should be longer calls for heat and that should result in increased comfort and also lower fuel use.
    The control manual comes with the boiler. This manual explains the operation of the control, how to wire it and also how to change the settings. This manual is also available on www.slantfin.com or call us and we can email a copy or mail a printed copy to you.
    Please do not hesitate to contact Slant/Fin technical services at 800 873 4346 if you have questions or want to discuss operation of the control. Technical Services is open 9 to 5 pm Eastern Standard.
    If I am in my office I will answer the technical service line up to 7 pm. However that is outside of the normal hours.
    The Sentinel is a great boiler and should give you good service for many years. Just remember to have it service by a competent contractor every year.
    Thank you,
    Keith Muhlmeister
    Slant/Fin Corporation
  • cwc
    cwc Member Posts: 21
    Thank you for the response.
    I spoke to your people today and got what I needed to know.
    My installer was not a big fan of the economy feature so set it to OFF. I'll run it as installed for a bit and then try the ECO feature.