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Natural Gas Direct Vent Hot Water Tank Troubleshooting

06honda Member Posts: 15
I have a Giant (Green Foam) Natural Gas Direct Vent Hot Water Tank Model: UG50-62. Last evening I noticed the house seemed cool even though the thermostats were callin for heat and did not hear the tank starting for an extended period. Decided to turn on a tap and no hot water, figures late night and cold out - anyway the Thermostat pad had all the lights on a blinking, after checking the manual and finding the one that seemed to match out of 16 different possible light combinations it showed this:

Condition: All the lights are on
Cause: The internal circuit
Remedy: (1) Turn off the power to the heat for 10 seconds, check polarity and turn back on.
(2) If the above step did not clear the error, replace the gas control value.

** Note: Check polarity, not sure what this means so I skipped this step.

The tank and system have been running since doing this last night. Main question is this just something that can happen from time to time with tanks, this one was installed by professional plumbers 11 months ago. With the Christmas season coming up it will be near impossible to get a service call if this happens again. I will of course call someone if it does but is this indicating that some part IE: Gas contral value is failing. I had the tank running at a temp of 120 F, bumped it up to 125 F. Thanks for any info on this, much appreciated.




  • DZoro
    DZoro Member Posts: 1,048
    polarity is your line voltage coming in making sure neutral, ground, and power are all in their correct position in the outlet.
    Only 11 months old, get ahold of the installer, it's under warranty, I would hope they would take care of you.
  • jimct
    jimct Member Posts: 10
    If this were me and my heating system was failing, I would be on the phone to the company that did the installation. Surely they warrant their work. My guys give me one year on parts and labor plus what ever the equipment manufactures provide .
  • 06honda
    06honda Member Posts: 15
    edited December 2017
    Here is something I learned today, a plumber who I spoke too since on the phone said they with the gail force winds we have had for several days likely happened was this caused the tank not to stay lite and after 3 tries it locks out as a safety precaution. Can't remember exactly what he said but did talk about the outside piping and how the very strong winds can cause and issue but it does not happen often. His background was doing HWT tanks installs; repairs and replacements for a large HWT company here in my region. Since then he has retired from that. He told me to unplug the unit for a few seconds and it should work. Did what he said and all is back to normal since that time. Will pay closer attention to it in case this is not what happened just in case.

    * As a side not I decided to up the tank temp from 120 F to 125 F, can feel the floors now have some heat in them so maybe it was a little low at 120 F for winter infloor heating.