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Dunkirk Q90-100 needs maintenance

sjmazzolisjmazzoli Posts: 1Member
edited December 2017 in Heating Hell
What is wrong with my Boiler? The Blower goes thru wasteful quick starts and stops.
The Boiler only heats up to around 145 and turns takes a real long time for the house to heat up to 68F
The operation of this Boiler, only 4 years old, is nowhere near 90% because of the quick starts & stops of the Blower Fan.
If someone responds to this question..I will gladly describe the erratic behavior in more detail...I am not able to decipher what the indicator lights are trying to tell me.
When I call the Dunkirk Manufacturer..the Tech Person will not tell me anything because I am the Homeowner who paid for the Boiler and not an authorized HVAC person.


  • NY_RobNY_Rob Posts: 1,110Member
    Download the install manual- that will help you decipher the diagnostic LEDs.
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