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waste oil boiler

I have a buderus reznor 350 waste oil boiler. we are exsperiancing excess oil in chamber and causing blow back and major sooting. I have checked all my solinoids and disconnected the draw assembly and ran thru my start up. Is it possible that my primary pump from my tank can over power the burner during a run or off cycle to cause a after drip


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 3,440
    You have a waste oil furnace.
    One reason for oil in chamber is simply a clogged/partially clogged nozzle, or bad fuel (especially water).
    It could also be your combustion air setting is incorrect.
    It could be your compressor isn't providing enough air to atomize the fuel.
    You may have a crack in your heat exchanger and the blower is causing the issue.

    What's your over fire draft before/after the blower comes on?
    Here's the manual with a pretty extensive troubleshooting chart (p41)

    I pretty much stopped working on waste-oil heaters. They require a lot of PM, are kind of finicky, especially because fuel quality is a big issue.
    Also, I've had to call in (my brother) to weld up some heat exchangers, because with lack of maintenance, they don't hold up very well.
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