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Large pipe die sizes

CLambCLamb Member Posts: 68
I'm looking to buy 2 1/2" dies for my Ridgid 4P threader. I see dies for other threaders, such as Toledo, going for much lower prices. I'm wondering if direct substitution or substitution with shims is possible. I don't want to try precision machining the dies. However, I can't seem to find the dimensions of the various manufacturers dies anywhere online. Does anyone know of a source? Just for the record the Ridgid 4P dies are ~621.5mils parallel to the threads and ~747.9mils perpendicular to the threads.


  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 7,083
    Toledo is basically out of business which is why their dies are cheaper.

    As I recall the Ridgid 4p isn't made anymore superseded by the Ridgid 141 if I am correct.


    Craigs List

    There is a Company called "Steel Dragon Tools" that make a lot of Ridgid knock off stuff. Don't know if they have 4p stuff

    Also Reed Tools makes dies to fit some ridgid tools (Ridgid 12-R = Reed R-12) for the 1/2-2" dies but unless you can dig some up on E-bay etc Idon't think they make dies to fit the 4p.

    I think your only source is Ridgid

    Shimming won't work

    I had to toss a bunch of Toledo 2 1/2----4" threaders because I couldn't get dies for them and I looked for years. Tried to have a local sharpening company sharpen some dies.....didn't work
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