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Energy kinetics classic system 2000 problem...solved?

PraetorPraetor Posts: 8Member
OK, I want to first apologize for any confusion I might have caused, which comes from being frustrated of what's going on with my system, to which was happening, again, since we bought the house, 6 years ago, I have never touched any of the wires from the on the left of my system, (input side), I just the zone 1 [white wire] zone valve power on the left hand side (output side). looking over everything with clarity, this time around, I found that the water heater was actually tied into the same terminal as the t-stat, the two sharing the same T1 terminal, again, these wires were as they currently are, from the previous homeowner (senior citizens). I'm guessing, and asking, can this be my problem? when trying to remove the t-stat wire, from T1, to test for continuity (just in case the wires were cross touching, of course) i accidentally pulled out the water heater wire, again, from the same T1 terminal, and everything turned off. then an epiphany hit me. this may be my problem. So, looking at my system and hesitantly wanting to put the water heater wire into another terminal, which may finally solve THIS issue. my other issue is, if T1 (T-stat input) on, my system, controls Z1 (zone 1 output, zone valve), in what input terminal do i put the water heater wire, and will it have to control something on the output side? All wires mentioned is one white wire from each equipment, (T-stat, zone valve, water heater, etc.) while the other colored wire, red or blue, is in a 24 v terminal, on both sides.


  • Alan WelchAlan Welch Posts: 96Member
    As others have stated, find a competent tech . oil systems require periodic maintenance so it would be in your best interest to have it taken care of by someone familiar with it, and establish a relationship so when something eventually goes wrong you have someone to help... short out the manager playing with wires is not a good idea,could get expensive.
  • RogerRoger Posts: 74Member
    Praetor, thank you for your post. Having a competent and knowledgeable technician involved is always great advice, and we and other manufacturers all require an annual tune-up by a qualified service agency to maintain top efficiency and peak performance and to verify proper performance of all safety devices.

    To help diagnose your system, having the symptoms clearly identified is the best starting point. From past posts, it sounds like you have some heating when you do not want it. If there is not an output light for the zone having the overheating issue (when you don't want it on), then the problem is probably mechanical (think zone valve stuck open for example).

    As you have at least some wiring problems, I've attached a manual just on the wiring for the Classic Manager. All wiring should be double checked to make sure it is as the diagrams indicate. Two thermostats should not share the same terminal, such as "T1", but they will share one side of the transformer on the "A1" terminal. The "Z" terminals are zone outputs and no thermostats can be wired to that side of the manager.

  • DanHolohanDanHolohan Posts: 14,197Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Thanks for always being there, Roger. Talk about customer service!
    Retired and loving it.
  • RogerRoger Posts: 74Member
    You're welcome, Dan - glad to help!
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