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Hydrolevel 3200 odr settings

I have a slant fin sentinel non condensing boiler (hot water) with cast iron radiators. I installed an outdoor reset yesterday and just want confirmation on whether my settings sound correct. I have the low set to 132 degrees. Slant fin says 125 is the lowest it can go with the circulator hold off enabled. The hold off is supposed to prevent condensing, so I enabled it. As per the hydrolevel, upon fire up, the boiler goes to 135 where upon the circulator kicks on until the water goes to 125 where the circ shuts off. The temp then drops a few degrees more to about 121. The water then reheat to 135 where the circ comes on again and the process repeats until the call is satisfied then both the circ and boiler shut off at the same time and the boiler spikes up to about 185 degrees. Does this sound correct or is there a better way.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,690
    Holding the residual heat will cause the boiler temp to spike. But other than that, the process sounds right. Was the boiler firing for the entire call for heat? Or was it short cycling when the temperature was reaching 135. What is the differential setting?
    Can you list all the settings for the reset curve, etc.
  • i07nyc
    i07nyc Member Posts: 8
    The differential is automatically set by the hydrolevel, no adjustment. It was not short cycling. I live on long island So my design temp is 10 degrees. Boiler I set boiler to 180 high so ratio is set to 1.75.