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Pipe threader for piping steam boilers?

I'm a service technician for a large company, I've been working on steam for a couple years now, I don't do install work, but I would like to know whats needed for installing or repairing the pipes on these steam boilers.

What are the common size pipes on these systems, do they have standard sizes when it comes to piping at the boiler, and piping off the main etc.?


  • AMservices
    AMservices Member Posts: 610
    First and foremost, READ THE INSTALLATION MANUAL! Any time your installing anything for the first time.
    The piping is big, so that takes big wrench.
    Pick up a copy of "the lost art of steam heat". That book will explain why the pipe needs to be so big, how to size it, when you need 45° fitting instead of a 90°, how to identify what type of system your dealing with, what problems you will run into, why these problem happen, the history and a lot of strange things can happen when you don't read the installation manuals.

    Steam speed
    MilanDNew England SteamWorks
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,295
    As far as threading 1/2" to 2" is common and although usually done with power equipment can be hand threaded. Anything larger 2 1/2"--4" requires special tools. Many times you can use purchased nipples to make up the larger sizes so most important is knowing the correct "make in" of the pipe fittings. Get a fitting catalog from Ward Fittings or Anvil. You can find these on line. Correct measurements & experience is the key

    Don't make the mistake of trying to get away with using 2" pipe (or smaller) for everything (a common mistake) just because the threading is easier and more available. Use the correct pipe size for the load.

    Read, read & read some more.

    And the advise above from @AMservices is excellent!!

    Follow that as a first step
    delta T
  • delta T
    delta T Member Posts: 884
    as far as tools go, a Rigid 300 threading machine, dies for 1/2" to 2", reamer, cutter (also a 4 wheel cutter can come in really handy when you need it, but not absolutely necessary), oiler bucket, and 18" to 24" wrenches (2 each) will get you started for any thing up to 2". If you want to go larger a Rigid 141 will allow you to do 2 1/2" to 4", and if you plan on doing anything that size, you will need some 36" and 48" wrenches as well.

    As was said above, read, read, read, and keep reading. anything you can get your hands on.