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tank warranty claims on 80 gallon electrics when they aren't mfg'd anymore?

Anyone have any experience of what the manufacturers do when they have to replace an 80 gallon electric HWH under warranty now that you can't get replacement 80 gallon tanks that aren't HP/Electric hybrids?


  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 1,494
    I would get two 40 gal.
  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 3,438
    You actually can still get an 80 if it a "commercial" use.

    State I know has a long list of what they are doing to address this.

    Another option is to get the 55 gallon, boost the temp and place a mix valve on it
  • gschallertgschallert Member Posts: 170
    Options are restricted to what mfg would do under the warranty claim. Found out today they will offer what amounts to a 50% credit toward the 80g hybrid or comp a 50g standard electric. Cheapest option is the free smaller tank with only labor out of pocket so that's probably what they will do and what I recommended. I was just curious what companies were doing about warranty claims on the 80+ gallon residential electrics now that they don't make them anymore.
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