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want to install outdoor temperature sensor on old Burnham hot water system

we have hot water heat in our house, natural gas system. We have an old Burnham low-pressure boiler system that still works very well. It is model # P-209A-WNI, a 1994 model.
right now I have the high limit set for 180F. I know that the boiler gets the water up to this temperature no matter what the outside temperature is, and that an outdoor temperature sensor can save us money by decreasing the high limit when it is warmer outside.
We live in Pittsburgh and we need heating through a wide range of temperatures.

1) Is this something that I can install myself? I have some basic electrical knowledge.
2) If so, is there a boiler specific model, or can I use a range of sensors?
3) Any specific model suggestions?
4) Will this really save me a significant amount of money/decrease wear and tear on the boiler?

I searched the wall for other posts like this but I couldn't find anything specific enough. My apologies if I duplicated an earlier post.



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