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removing mono-flow tees replacing with new pex al pex loop

i have monoflow tees in my basement below the main riser would simply teeing off supply and return with small manifold be sufficent to make this work or would i have to add a second pump the two photos are where i removed plugs where i would be installing the manifold and pex


  • Paul48Paul48 Posts: 4,492Member
    It's not clear to me, what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to eliminate the monoflow tees, or are you trying to add another loop to the existing?
  • GWGW Posts: 3,001Member
    Yes more specifics would be good. If the old mains are going then you can pretty up this process
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  • noodles555noodles555 Posts: 6Member
    eliminate the monoflow tees feeding basement radiators which are below the main piping and in the pictures there are 2 plugs i removed from the flow and return near the boiler my question is if i tee off these and run 1/2'' pex al pex to the two basement radiators will i get sufficent water flow without adding another pump?
  • Turbo DaveTurbo Dave Posts: 47Member
    Without knowing the flowrate and pressure differential, it would be difficult to answer your question conclusively. With pipe sizes, radiator spec. and circulator model, this could be calculated, with effort. A pressure/vacuum gauge could be threaded into your tees to measure the differential. How was the space temperature and heat output with the monoflow tees? Large cast iron radiators need little flow, you may have enough. However, having separate thermostatic control of the basement would be easy with a zone circulator w/check valve.
  • noodles555noodles555 Posts: 6Member
    the basement radiators with the monoflow tees did not work with system completley bled of air i think upping the pump might have fixed this but i wanted to make the basement seperate anyway the basement was really getting heat off the main pipe riser which is 1 1/2
  • Big EdBig Ed Posts: 1,086Member
    Normaly MonoFlow systems used two tees to help force the hot water down to the radiation .. MonoFlow Tee's ,if not used should be removed or looped together ,but never left in and just plugged... I would recommend zoning each floor or wing of an home for mataining comfort ..
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
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