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Does a two-pipe steam radiator have to have a steam trap?

HeatingHelp Administrator Posts: 653
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Does a two-pipe steam radiator have to have a steam trap?

No, but it has to have something to keep the steam from entering the condensate return lines. That “something” may be an internal orifice, a tiny check valve you can’t see, a hidden metal ball or a water seal.

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  • Michael Dilling
    Michael Dilling Member Posts: 10
    This same advice applies to any device or piece of equipment a technician encounters. We have to be willing to say "I don't know what that is and I'm not going to touch it until i do". It would save a lot of embarrassment, very unhappy customers and lots of contractor money.
  • Jackmartin
    Jackmartin Member Posts: 196
    edited September 2017
    Too true the moment we think we have this business down and out because we have finally learned everything something you have to search for in a 1910 book appears. The day you do not learn something in this business is the day you lock your service truck for the final time. Speaking of strange I had to do a service call in an apartment block older Cleaver Brooks fire tube and I am looking for the condensate pump or something to get the water back in this boiler. When I look up the ceiling is easily fifteen feet high and what do I spot two 3/4 Trane low pressure steam traps running the returns back into the boiler. Never in my days have I seen this before. So I started the boiler got it up to pressure ( set at 9 psi)!! The boiler runs goes off on low water not a suprise and then all of a sudden this hot boiler gets a slug of cold water from these traps and. ---' I am not joking--- this thousand of pounds boiler tries to jump into the air and I thought someone had a howizer cannon directed at the boiler room scared the s**t out of me. So I asked the caretaker how the system works? He says he really did not know as it scares him to go into the boiler room. God bless slum landlords I am sure they will change their ideas once they are shoveling coal into the number two boiler in Hell. Plus, I am still chasing this paragon of virtue for the service call, ah well such is business. All the best Jack Winnipeg Canada