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Help Identify Valve

Dan Foley
Dan Foley Member Posts: 1,255
I looked at a vapor system in DC today. There were several Hoffman graduated inlet valves. There were also several of these which I could not identify. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Dan Foley
    Dan Foley Member Posts: 1,255
    Here are the HSC valves on the same job.
  • Dan Foley
    Dan Foley Member Posts: 1,255
    I also saw this double check on the return. I have worked on a lot of steam boilers but I have never seen a double check on the return like this.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,437
    If one check valve isn't enough, use 2!!!

    I guess the installer must have lost a boiler once from a broken return line!!
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 15,988
    Those might be Hutchison valves, which would make sense because that company was located in DC. Have to clean them off so we can see the trademark to be sure.
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  • Dan Foley
    Dan Foley Member Posts: 1,255
    I have worked on many Hutchison systems. These are not Hutchison valves.

    I was just there on a visual survey so I did not want to do a lot of scraping. If I end up going back, I will sand the valve body and get a better picture.
  • Erin Holohan Haskell
    Erin Holohan Haskell Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 2,072
    Dan, I didn't have any luck tracking down that valve online, but I noticed something similar on the Radiator Renovator site (https://radiatorrenovator.co.uk/radiator-valves-accessories/). They were unable to identify your valve, but they do have a modern valve based on that style. Please keep us posted on the mystery valve!
  • Dan Foley
    Dan Foley Member Posts: 1,255
    Thanks, Erin. Those valves are similar.

    I will get more info when I go back.
  • Hi Dan, just wondering if you had any luck in tracking down your valve?