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Steam Boiler to Hot Water Application

I just got a gas steam boiler for a radiant heat application. 1 season used Peerless Burnham model 61-03. It has the pressure controls so I need to convert to temp operation. I'll leave the low water cutoff in case there's ever a leak that flat out drains my system.

But I wonder what thermostatic control I should use? I see the Honeywell high low limit switches. My current electric Weil-McLean Electric just throttles on temp when pumps cool the boiler. I would like to do same. Sustain about 140 or 150 F water in boiler and kick on burners when it drops below 120 or 130 F. So that means I need a Differential Setpoint cut In and cut out sensor. Is there one unit that does this? Should I seek the same single probe setup in my Electric Unit?

I see the Honeywell L6008 low limit that would cut in the burner. If I get a 2nd one for high limit cut out, where do I stuff the bulb? I see one nice port in the boiler side with a 3/4" NPT plug. That only gets me one sensor bulb. I don't see a convenient dual setpoint Honeywell unit for low-high control.

Suggestions for a single part that can do both? Place to buy that is affordable?

Thanks in advance.


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,149
    Go to the Peerless web site and download the I & O manual. Page 20 shows the control tappings.

    Follow all the instructions.

    Don't forget to install the correct size hot water relief valve and remove the old steam safety valve.

    Flush the boiler

    make sure to install an operating control and in addition a limit control (manual reset high limit is best) reuse the low water cutoff if it has been cleaned and is a model suitable for hot water use
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 4,870
    What @EBEBRATT-Ed said.
    You can also call a Peerless distributor and order the water trim kit for that model#.
    It should come with a tridicator gauge, 30 lb relief valve, switching relay, L8124E aquastat, which has high and low settings, 3/4" well, and any bushings or adapters.