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basic plumbing book

mikedomikedo Member Posts: 125
does anyone know of a good basic plumbing book i can give to a new apprentice that would be easy to understand and give him somewhere to start in this field.


  • Paul48Paul48 Member Posts: 4,492
    An apprentice should be beyond the need for a basic instructional book, if it existed. He/She should have a copy of the code book for the area they are working in. They should already know the basics of connecting different types of pipe. The expertise comes from the plumber they are working with. No book can tell you the countless ways of accomplishing the same thing, or what is or isn't acceptable in every area.
  • Larry WeingartenLarry Weingarten Member Posts: 1,798
    Hello, I can say that Peter Hemp, who wrote
    "Plumbing A House" years ago has just updated the book. He's added a chapter on PEX and other revisions. It will be available on his site,, once the site is actually up and running. B)

    Yours, Larry
  • mikedomikedo Member Posts: 125
    new apprentice has only 2 days experience. no trade school or plumbing experience some welding background. I'm sure he could learn a lot from a book that explains basic plumbing systems and therory.
  • Larry WeingartenLarry Weingarten Member Posts: 1,798
    Hello, I looked on and find a used copy of Peter Hemp's book for $1.56. That could fill in nicely until the revised edition is out. :)

    Yours, Larry
  • mikedomikedo Member Posts: 125
    thanks can't beat that price
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