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Help with part ID

plumbpotplumbpot Posts: 2Member
edited April 2017 in Strictly Steam
I have a leaking Webster #24 "dirt strainer". I'm having trouble finding much info at all. Currently it leaks from the top of the barrel. 1" at the side connection and 3/4" at the bottom. Via an archived catalog I found the #24 listed as a lift fitting. I read up on the purpose and viewed a couple pictures but they don't seem to have the same pattern as this.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


  • plumbpotplumbpot Posts: 2Member
    I tried posting photos but they aren't showing up. Maybe I neee more help than I think!?
  • BobCBobC Posts: 5,070Member
    Pictures have to be jpg type and not to huge.

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  • PumpguyPumpguy Posts: 413Member
    I have an original copy of STEAM HEATING, A Manual of Practical Data, published by Warren Webster & company in 1922. I believe this book is also available for viewing online.

    Pages 258 through 260 illustrate their "Suction Strainers" and "Dirt Strainers". These are various types of lift out type basket strainers.

    Strange they would have two different descriptions. The "Suction Strainers" are illustrated with flanged connections, are straight through type, and have a bolt on cover.

    The "Dirt Strainers" illustrated have threaded connections, are either straight through or vertical offset type, and have clamped on covers.

    I don't see anything special or unusual about these strainers. Modern equivalents are available today from a variety of suppliers.
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