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Utica PEG225CDE Boiler Pilot Re-light

cvilag Member Posts: 1
Does anybody have experience with this Boiler? My power went out and I went downstairs to check on the electrical box to notice my pilot light went out on my boiler as well. The knob for the pilot control is set to "pilot" but I can't see exactly where the pilot is supposed to be lit. When I hold down the red button on the control I can smell gas so I know everything there seems to be working correctly. I pulled off the panel to the unit looking for a pilot hole which most sites said to look for but my unit is pretty old and must be set up a different way.....or I have no idea what I'm looking for.


  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,518
    edited March 2017
    For a standing pilot,You should see a small tube running from the gas valve to somewhere around the middle burner tube, where the pilot will be mounted. Once you locate it, Let the gas clear for about five minutes then press the Pilot button down and light the pilot. Hold the button down for about 30 seconds until the end of the thermocoupler gets red and release the button. If the pilot doesn't stay lit, you will need to replace the thermocoupler. Be sure to replace all panels/covers before turning the gas valve to "on".