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Integrate or Separate HRV with Ducted Mini Split Cassette

jb9 Member Posts: 104

I am curious to hear what a pro might consider when deciding to integrate an HRV with a Ducted Mini Split. I am going to use both in my house design but I don't know whether to separate them or integrate them together.



  • BillW
    BillW Member Posts: 198
    A heat recovery ventilator recovers sensible heat only. It must be protected from freezing and provided with a drain to remove condensate thawed during the "defrost" cycle. HRV's tend to dry a space. They can be ducted into an existing ductwork system. Usually, they run on low speed 24/7, with the higher speed used when more ventilation is needed. They typically move about 200 CFM. Make sure the outdoor intake is above the snow line and away from contaminant sources like car ports, dryer and furnace exhaust, trash cans and pet areas. You can control it with a manual switch, timer or humidistat, or just use one of the many thermostats that feature a ventilation control option. Remember that HRV's are only about 80% efficient, so the discharged air may be cold on very cold days. Also, remember that they are NOT kitchen exhaust fans or bathroom fans, They dilute and exhaust odors etc, but not at that rate. Good luck.
  • jb9
    jb9 Member Posts: 104
    Thanks. I am still not completely sure whether to integrate an HRV/ERV with a ducted mini-split unit upstairs by using the intake port on the mini-split air handler or by keeping the two systems separate. I don't have a ton of space for duct work so I am leaning away from that idea and trying to integrate 2nd floor systems. I am looking at Zehnder and Fantech but I am mostly interested in who has the narrowest diameter tubing for the runs in my interior walls.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
  • BillW
    BillW Member Posts: 198
    I am not familiar with either of the units you mentioned. HR/ERV's can either be standalone or be tied into existing ductwork. Proper duct insulation is vital, short runs recommended. Stand alone systems often have a central return in the hallway, and discharge into individual rooms, like the master suite.. Some have have individual intakes in the kitchen and bath areas. These help with odors and steam from showers.
    Install with ease of maintenance in mind; most have filters to change, and a plugged-up condensate drain can cause water leak issues.