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Help finding a plumber in my area...

warno Member Posts: 229
edited February 2017 in THE MAIN WALL
A friend of mind recently bought a new house. It was owned by a plumber but the man is past away now and my friend has never owned a house with hydronic heating before. He asked me to come over just to tell him the components used in the system and what their purpose is. I told him everything over learned from my few years of reading and doing my own boiler plumbing but I suggested he get a actual plumber over there to take a look and possibly do a replumb or new install of a new boiler. We live in Central Illinois and he's about 30 minutes south of Kankakee Illinois. Does anyone know anyone reliable in this area? Any help would be great.

I took so quick pics of the boiler and nearby plumbing. The one and only circulator I could find is on the return line just below the zone valves pumping back into the boiler and the expansion and air vent are on the supply line just before it breaks into the zone plumbing.


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,513
    Yes it would be better if the pumps were pumping away., if it heats well leave it alone. He should have it serviced and the combustion checked and the boiler and burners cleaned. If there are no other issues it looks like the installer did a decent job
  • Gilmorrie
    Gilmorrie Member Posts: 185
    "I suggested he get a actual plumber over there to take a look and possibly do a replumb or new install of a new boiler."

    Nonsense, don't even suggest it. If the boiler is working, don't even consider replacing it. Re-pumb? Why?

    If you're not careful, I fear that your friend will end up spending about $10,000, or so, unnecessarily.
  • warno
    warno Member Posts: 229
    The main suggestion was for someone to come in and double check everything is doing what it needs to. The house was a foreclosure home and the previous owner ran it into the ground. The boiler itself sits on the concrete floor with nothing under it and the basement gets water. Which is why I suggested a replumb simply to get the boiler up off the floor. Is there any good people in this area anyone on here would recommend to come out to check it out?