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Viessmann Control Console Swap

BostonHeat Member Posts: 3
Regarding a Vitodens 200-W WB2B natural gas boiler set up with an outdoor reset, low loss header to three zones and DHW loop to a Superstor.

Coding level 2, 38:33 fault - Viessmann tech support said to replace control unit and coding card.

Question: The old coding card is the same part number. If the old card is undamaged, will it contain all of the boiler's settings? Basically, will swapping out the control unit and using the old coding card work without having to reprogram the whole setup?

Thank you,


  • GW
    GW Member Posts: 4,332
    I suspect not, coding card doesn't save settings. We just did this on a 4 year old WB2B, so all the necessary settings are fresh in my mind. I took some time and made a sheet and saved it in Google docs
    Gary Wilson
    Wilson Services, Inc
    Northampton, MA
    [email protected]
  • BostonHeat
    BostonHeat Member Posts: 3
    Thank you Gary - that is what my dealer thought as well. Too bad. I will do same as you and write down all of the settings before pulling out the old one.

    Incidentally, the unit in question is also 4 years old.

    Thanks again.
  • Simply Rad
    Simply Rad Member Posts: 165
    I have been using the boiler service manual to document all the coding values. Over the years I have had coding 2 setting whipped out and set back to factory default...... by power fluctuations? Also, when I perform a service I always check the coding 2 values compared to the values I have recorded. I have had the do not change codes, change and this can cause the boiler to not operate I always check the codings. I just took the Caleffi webinar on documenting hydronic systems.Basically the more info. we can provide about the system the better we are serving the homeowner.
    Jeffrey Campbell
  • BostonHeat
    BostonHeat Member Posts: 3
    I ended up doing just that - made note of all of the level 2 coding and left it with the manual.