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Valve for convector radiator - steam heat

Quick follow-up to my previous post on leaky radiator, serviced boiler, etc...

While I try to hold off on a total inspection/etc. of my gas steam heat boiler, I am going to purchase a new (slower) valve for the problem radiator (convector that is leaking from the valve). It has a vari-valve heat timer on it. Should I go with a hoffman 41? Or am I better off with a Gorton? If Gorton, exactly which one?
Quick reminder: leaky convector radiator, changed valves (both times to a new vari-valve), altered pitch, serviced boiler, lowered pressure, etc. Still leaking about a 1/2 cup (sometimes slightly more) a day!!! I want to try switching out to a slower valve before taking additional steps (which I plan to reach out to Ezzy and his crew to look into after the heating season is over if I can make it that long). It seems to me that this "problem room" gets hit first with heat...

I also saw when looking at Hoffman 41 - vaccuum or non vaccuum? The one I was looking at said non vaccuum...



  • MilanD
    MilanD Member Posts: 1,160
    edited January 2017
    Can you post the link to other post? Can't find it.

    Are you leaking on the air vent or the valve (faucet-like valve with a knob)? Sounds like a vent js leaking...

    Your op pressure may still be high - how close is this rad to boiler?

    You may try maid o mist with various orifices you can dial it down. Or Hoffman 1A, also variable. Hoffman 40 is also slower vent, if I'm not mistaken.

    Hoffman 41 vacuum will fill the rad quicker after the first cycle and is a specialty vent. Non-vacuum is what you would want.

    All this said, try swapping the vent with a diferent radiator. If the problem stops, you may have a bad vent.
  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,542
    Try the Hoffman #41, non vacuum.
  • JD102183
    JD102183 Member Posts: 21
    Hoffman 41 on radiator. Still water bubbling out. Maybe not as much, but still happening. The vent is nearly touching the top of the space for the convector because it (the vent) is rather large for the space so lost nearly all pitch. Back to square 1 it seems
  • MilanD
    MilanD Member Posts: 1,160
    Have you had EzzyT ever come by and look at your setup? Lots of comments in the other post.
  • JD102183
    JD102183 Member Posts: 21
    No. Wanted to try this last thing - switching valve. Going to set up an appointment with him. I was hoping to make it through the heating season first. Thanks for all the feedback. I really do appreciate it. Very helpful.