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Fields SWG-6s///Help with the noise!!!

BigNuge Member Posts: 11
Howdy folks,
I have a noisy SWG (who doesn't as I'm lead to believe based on the reading I've done so far). I was forced to go with a power venter due to the old chimney no longer being able to be used as the venting method (bit if a long story but I'll tell it if necessary). Full story below...

About 2 years ago I replaced the entire heating system as part of a whole-house renovation. In short, I converted the house to a 2-family, and installed 2 new systems complete. I used Buderus G115's w/Riello F40's, twin units sitting right next to each other. The old boiler used one of the chimney flu's for venting, and this was not going to be possible with the new systems. That said, I went with the SWG (SWG-6s). I spent the money on the Stainless version in hopes for a long(er) lasting unit. From the beginning I was able to hear this thing start when laying in bed at night when the house was all quiet, but didn't hear it once it spooled up to speed. However, it got increasingly louder over time, and now I can hear it when it runs anytime as long as I'm in one of the bedrooms (venter is installed on the Northeast wall of the house, same side as the bedrooms). It has become quite loud, and I am feeling compelled to replaced the motor already. Given what I've read, this looks like its going to be a never ending issue with this thing.

One additional item I'd like to mention is that I have a semi-related issue with the boiler/burners themselves. They run without a single failure since installation (Fall of 2014, running for 2 1/2 heating season so far). However, They appear to be short cycling. The burner(s) run for 3-5 minutes, then cycle off on temperature. After a 3-5 minute off cycle they start again. This cycle repeats during the entire heat call. Having said that, I am wondering if this starting and stopping of the venter has caused this issue (in part or in whole).

I am starting to think outside the box for this solution as it is driving me nuts (and I live on the second floor!!). Im starting to have crazy thoughts like replacing the motor with something more robust, and possibly adding some sort of speed control for lower RPM operation. I was also thinking about the possibility of converting these boilers to direct vent (if that is even possible). In the end I am not going to be listening to this vibratron nightmare much longer, one way or another!!!

Thanks for any/all help!



  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,046
    Has anyone cleaned the wheel on the PV? Everything you are describing with the venter can be attributed to a lack of service of the PV. It is a system. Systems include all associated parts and PV'ers are an important part and need the wheels cleaned when the boilers are serviced...annually that is. The curved blade wheels get loaded up and your air flow through the system degrades.
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,689
    edited January 2017
  • BigNuge
    BigNuge Member Posts: 11
    Thank for the reply guys.

    Jack, PV has been pulled every Fall (by me). The wheel is clean as a whistle every year.

    Steve, I am under the assumption that the unit would still need some sort of draft inducer. I'd be happy to be wrong about that though!!!
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    You should be able to direct vent it without a draft inducer. However I would expect to clean it a little more often, I generally find every 10 months to keep them spotless... On another note, how about a metalbestos chimney? I like them over a direct vent or pv option..
  • BigNuge
    BigNuge Member Posts: 11
    edited January 2017
    I like Metalbestos too (widely used in the commercial/industrial field that work in). I'm just worried about the astronomical cost of it!
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    Just a thought, are both units tied into the same power vent? Is that why it is over sized? SWG 5 would be more than sufficient for one boiler. That particular boiler should have been direct vented instead, just my opinion. The short cycle is either thermostat or control related. What is the firing rate on these?
  • captainco
    captainco Member Posts: 600
    Is the noise vibration or squealing? Vibration might mean the wheel lost one of its balancing weights. If is squealing it has to be to motor bearings.

    Just for the record, does the venter run for several minutes after the equipment shuts down? If not there would be condensation in the inducer which would affect the bearings.

    I have sold jobs with a single venter on up to four pieces of equipment. It can all be balanced with barometrics and neutral pressure points.
  • BigNuge
    BigNuge Member Posts: 11
    Hey guys, sorry about the delay. Work has had me out straight, not much time for posting!

    billtwocase, both boilers are tied to the one PV (hence its sizing). I remember direct venting being an option, but chose the "chimney vent" model. I wonder if it's possible to simply direct vent these units?! When I was looking into the short cycling I noticed the boiler temperature swinging quickly between burner cycles. I almost wonder if there is an air bubble trapped in the top of the boiler (where the sensor is mounted). I'll get down there to confirm nozzle size (I believe it's .50). I downfired them to the smallest nozzle in the book, I know that. I also know I kept the 140PSI pump pressure when I downfired them.

    Captainco, the noise is definitely a vibration that has graduallly gotten worse over time. I pulled the venter apart when I first noticed the noise getting worse and the wheel was clean (very clean), and I did see a couple balancing weights clipped onto the wheel. The PV does run in a post-purge function as it should.

    All this said, other than the noise from the venter this system has done a great job heating the house. If I can reasonably solve the noise issue with the PV I will keep it. If not, I'd like to explore what it would take to convert these to direct-vented units. As far as the short cycling, I'm still scratching my head on that one....

    Thanks for all the input guys!!
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    BigNuge said:

    I like Metalbestos too (widely used in the commercial/industrial field that work in). I'm just worried about the astronomical cost of it!

    it may be more expensive to start..but over the life of the system i bet it's cheaper in the long run...;)