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No heat upstairs (baseboard boiler heat)

vwbajavwbaja Posts: 3Member
After turning the water main to the house off in order to fix some kitchen plumbing, my baseboards upstairs are no longer heating up. I heard loud wooshing of water upstairs in the baseboards that I hadn't heard prior.I have bleeders on all the baseboards and did try bleeding. I would start to get heat out of the first baseboard in the loop, but no further, then eventually the heat would fade. I am guessing I might have introduced air by turning the water main off. I do not have any purge spigots, just shutoffs before the recirc pumps. The system has four zones and the upstairs is the only one not working. Boiler pressure is 12psi. Recirc pumps kicks on when thermostats tells it to, it's just the return doesn't heat up. I am thinking about adding a purge spigot to each zone. How else can I purge the system or a particular zone with only baseboard bleeders? Do you think that particular zone needs to be purged?


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