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heatinghelpfor3heatinghelpfor3 Member Posts: 17
My tenants keep closing the gate valves
on my steam radiators in their apartments. Are there "valves" that I can install
that have a fixed setting where they stay open so they can't be tampered with? Thanks


  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Member Posts: 7,206
    One pipe or two pipe rads?
  • FredFred Member Posts: 8,440
    Are you keeping it too warm for them to be comfortable? How many units in this building? are they all doing this or just one or two? Maybe some slower vents on the radiators will help (if one pipe system).
  • Those tennants are probably trying to lower your fuel bills, as they are overheated. Maybe the windows are hard to open.
    First, find out why they are turning off the valves, and then balance the system, so everyone gets heat at the same time.
    The most likely culprit is inadequate main venting, and correcting that will probably reduce your fuel consumption by 15-30%.--NBC
  • You should probably move this post to the steam section, so as to have more eyes on it.--NBC
  • heatinghelpfor3heatinghelpfor3 Member Posts: 17
    NBC, new to website, option for discussion doesn't have steam as a choice for topic,
    can you suggest how I could locate the " steam"
    area? Thanks
  • KC_JonesKC_Jones Member Posts: 4,424
    I agree with the above, if they are turning them off there is a reason. Remove their reason and the valves stay open. If it's due to overheating you will also save fuel (money) by not overheating anymore.

    It's most likely going too be cheaper for you in the long run to balance out the heat than to figure out a bunch of ways to stop them from closing the valve. People are creative they will figure out how to close it no matter what you do, if it is an overheating situation. If they are just doing it to be rude/mean etc., I can't think of anything you could do other than get better tenants.
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  • heatinghelpfor3heatinghelpfor3 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks to all again
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