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Tanks not equalizing

lfstenzel Member Posts: 1
My furnace light started blinking green no heat .I have two 330 gallon tanks , the service guy came and stated my oil should be taken from both tanks equally. It's not it took all the oil from tank sucking it dry . Than taken from second tank it got sludge and filter got blocked up . So no oil was getting to the furnace , they said I need to change my line from under the tanks it's too small of a line and getting clogged up . That's why it keeps taken from the one tank only . He suggest I replace this line to a bigger size for it to equalize . Does this sound right ?


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,799
    Sludge is the problem not the line size. I would recommend:

    1 Make sure you have a gauge on each tank that works
    2. Use some oil treatment
    3. Put a good quality oil filter on each tank and tee the tanks together downstream of the filters.
    4. check the tanks twice a week for a while to make sure they are staying equalized.

    Changing to a larger line size may help the tanks equalize but wont keep the burner running if you get sludge in the burner line.

    How old are the tanks? Maybe you should consider replacement if the oil treatment doesn't work
  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297
    I have Had this . I have a push pull pump close the line of the one that's open (close both first) attach pump remove sludge . Only open tank that was slow allow boiler/furnace to draw from it after a few weeks open other tank oil should flow. If tanks are joined and only one fill I do not recommend two gauges pressure may blow plastic off gauge and you will have a mess. aw this happen as well.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    There should be a 1/2' by-pass before the filters. You will have this problem if not set up that way