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Best way to bleed the air out of my baseboard heating system?

schlk21 Member Posts: 1
This is a rough schematic of what I'm working with: http://i.imgur.com/Z9uwmRE.jpg
I have coin valves at most of baseboards, but only water comes out when trying to bleed.

I recently replaced a few panels in an upstairs bedroom and have filled the system to the best of my ability. When I turn the heat on upstairs, I can hear the water in the pipes flushing around, and sometimes the pipes to bang when the circulating pump turns on/off. Downstairs seems to be OK.

What is the best way to bleed my system as it is right now? What should I change in the future to make it easier to bleed in the future?


  • Paul48
    Paul48 Member Posts: 4,469
    If those letter designations are valves, you close "D", put a hose on the drain, and manually open the zone you want to bleed. That should create flow in one direction and get the air out. While things are open and flowing, you might want to open the bypass on the auto-fill/ regulator. Just keep in mind, that may apply city water pressure, so make sure things are open.
    delta T
  • delta T
    delta T Member Posts: 884
    Paul48 is dead on, you have a good purge set up, do as he says and flush as much air out as possible.

    Even the best purge will not remove ALL the air, you will get most of it, but the smallest bubbles will not be removed this way, and you will still be able to hear them (though they are pretty quiet) After a purge it can take up to a week or so for all the air to escape through the air eliminator depending on what kind you have and how it is installed.

    IF after the purge, you are still having air issues, post some pics on here of your near boiler piping and we should be able to tell you why you are not getting all the air out.