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UV air purifier recommendation needed

zepfanzepfan Posts: 266Member
Does anyone know of a good air purifier uv light that lasts more then three years? The whole unit I mean knowing the bulb has to be replaced once a year on many of them. In my experience, and this holds true mainly on the models that are 24 volt, the entire unit has to be replaced after about three years. I heard of one now, and I am not sure who makes it, that the bulb is good for two years. Any assistance will be helpful. thanks to all


  • njtommynjtommy Posts: 1,103Member
    Is it the Reme Halo your looking for?
    They get a lot of great reviews I bought one for my house and have yet to install it. Maybe I should do that this weekend. Lol
  • BillWBillW Posts: 198Member
    You are correct that all UV light bulbs degrade over time, and need to be replaced as per the manufacturer's recommendations. I haven't heard of power units failing in just a couple years, though. Possible causes might be excessive humidity, "dirty" electric power with brownouts and voltage fluctuations or power surges. A surge suppressor may help prolong the life of the power units. Just a reminder...power the unit down BEFORE you change the bulb. Looking at those bulbs while lit for even a short period of time can cause serious and permanent eye damage.
  • LeonardLeonard Posts: 840Member
    Short life might be from electrical spikes. I've got a rood top HVAC that I wired a 120V snow melt cable to it's . I had a small amp fuse that easily carried the load. Then found it blown one day. I tested and found no shorts.
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