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Weil McLain Gold GV Series 3 Not Firing

Kenwood850Kenwood850 Member Posts: 3
I have a Weil McLain Gold GV Series 3 boiler with a Weil McLain model 1013-200 controller. When it attempts to fire all the lights turn on in sequence except the flame light. After several start cycles the controller gives up and the power and flame light flash.

At first blush I thought it was either the ignitor or the gas valve that was malfunctioning and this is what I have found so far.

Gas Valve:

24V present at the valve
Coil resistance - 98 ohms
The solenoid clicks at the appropriate time in the firing sequence
The smell of gas increases dramatically at the outside vent pipe at the time the valve is supposed to open,

Hot Surface Ignitor:

120V present at the hot surface ignitor at the appropriate time
Ignitor resistance - 95 ohms
Ignitor glows red during the sequence when removed from the boiler.

As far as the sequence of events, this is what I have found.

15 seconds after the pressure switch light turns on, 120 V is applied to the ignitor.
20 seconds after voltage is applied to the ignitor, 24V is applied to the gas valve
2 seconds after voltage is applied to the gas valve, the ignitor turns off – 0V
5 seconds after the ignitor is turned off, the gas valve closes – 0V

All indications are that the ignitor and gas valve are working properly but what I cannot determine is if the gas valve is opening fully and I do not have the experience to know if the ignitor is hot enough based on the amount of red color I saw. I also do not have the experience to know if the 2 second overlap when both the ignitor and gas valve are energized is sufficient. It seems rather short to me.

Thoughts anyone?


  • delta Tdelta T Member Posts: 810
    A little history please?

    Any recent work done on the system?
    Has the system been running recently or has it been idle for a while?
    NG or LP?

    Im my experience hot surface ignitors usually glow bright orange and yellow when at full temp, not red. cannot speak to the specific resistance value of the ignitor, though I don't think I have ever seen one partially fail (meaning it glows but not enough to ignite the flame).

    I would start by replacing the ignitor and see. Its easy to do, and worst case scenario you now have a spare ignitor on hand.

    Past that I would really recommend finding a pro in your area to help. There are many possibilities ranging from control/flame sensing issues to gas pressure issues to fuel/air mixture issues, to that will need be checked and if you do not have the proper tools or expertise to do the work you are playing with fire

    Literally :#
  • Kenwood850Kenwood850 Member Posts: 3
    I have to apologize again for the duplicate post. It took almost 3 days after I first posted for it to show up on the forum so I thought the original had ended up in the bit bucket.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, but the problem has been resolved and you can find the details here

    Thanks again.

  • delta Tdelta T Member Posts: 810
    Oh good. Glad its fixed!
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