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Are these repairable/replaceable?

awllcawllc Posts: 1Member
Remodeling old farm house in Eagle, CO. Valves not working well. Does anybody know the manufacturer of this valve? Any possible retrofit? Thx


  • SteamheadSteamhead Posts: 12,049Member
    edited April 2016
    That's a Honeywell "Unique" valve. No direct replacement has been available for decades. What problems do you have with them?
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  • SWEISWEI Posts: 7,356Member
    If all the radiators still have those valves on them, you have a real gem on your hands. Any photos of the boiler and associated piping?
  • BJHBJH Posts: 1Member
    edited April 2016
    Here are a couple of informational pieces on the Honeywell "Unique Valve". I have these throughout my house up here in Laramie, Wyoming. They are difficult to com by in salvage and you will have to be pretty persistent to find any. I have never found a suitable New replacement. I found some a few years ago out East with a plumber but they had not salvaged the elbows which is what I really needed since a plumber discarded those when doing some work at our house.
    I have not actively looked for some time and need to do that. If I find any I will post again.
  • ctkayctkay Posts: 3Member
    Try Tunstall, 4135948695, they make valve inserts for lots of valves, worth a try.
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