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Ductless Mini Split and Chiltrix Question

jb9 Member Posts: 104

I am going to try and use electricity to drive a radiant system (via WB). I just visited a friend's house who was considering installing WB in a tight envelope but decided to do 3 mini splits instead (cost). I took a look at the Mitsubishi units on the exterior and wondered, are these heat pumps essentially the same unit as a Chiltrix? Sorry for the dumb question, but I am just trying to understand who the players are in the heat pump game so I can continue my research to select an appropriately sized unit. Additionally, can a heat pump be placed in series with a resistance heater to heat water for a hydronic system in extreme temperatures? (-10 and below)

Feel free to spell out things roughly for me... I am under the impression that the ductless mini split system uses refrigerant as the medium between the pump and the blower, while the Chiltrix uses water?

Any help is appreciated.



  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    The Chiltrix is a monoblock design (evaporator and condenser in one box) based on a Mitsubishi compressor.

    You can put an electric resistance boiler in series with it. There's almost no pressure drop there.

    Ductless mini-splits use refrigerant lines between their indoor and outdoor units. The Chiltrix air handlers use water.