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Booster pump

andrew123 Member Posts: 8
Got a problem with a booster pump. Need new one. 2 weeks to get it. My furnace burner is 15ft up from bottom of tank. Beckett tells me I'm 2 far up to run a 2 stage pump with a return line. I don't agree,but.
Also whoever hooked this unit up,ran the lines from the booster pump up to the furnace,into a T,above the furnace,and one line to burner. Should they not be hooked into burner supply and return.
Furnace works for sometime 3 days,then lockout,I am confident the booster is the biggest problem as whoever done the install has put a normal 2stage pump on booster.
Any suggestions out there,I got a couple weeks to try somethings.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,506
    edited February 2016
    Which one of these is the way you have it?
    http://www.suntecpumps.com/PDFs/US Form 2062 - Install Info, Boost Pumps Bx-xxxxM,R, 01-09-15.pdf
    I don't like the booster pump/no aux tank set up..but that's just me. Make sure you have an OSV if needed.
    I think a 2 stage pump could do it with a tiger loop. I'd pull the oil up with a hand pump first to prime it, or fill the ultra fuel filter instead of trying to prime the oil line and filter dry. I'd hate to say to try it, then you put a vacuum gauge on it and see you're pulling too much vacuum. But considering no one probably has a 2 stage pump in stock, you're probably just better off getting the booster. Sid Harvey's usually can get them in a few days.
  • andrew123
    andrew123 Member Posts: 8
    It's the same as the loop system,only difference is no vent at the top by the burner and return from loop t's into return of the booster. I'm in ont and oil is a not that common in my area anymore. Burner parts np. Wholesalers got them on the shelf. Out of 5 wholesalers one of had sold a booster pump 2012. I am going to reroute the lines tomorrow, I think I can shorten them about 4ft,and try supply/return to burner.
  • captainco
    captainco Member Posts: 792
    A 2-stage pump can lift much higher than 15 ft. with a one-line system. You do not need a booster pump. If you want to use a Tiger Loop fine. Usually needed a check valve between the filter and the tank to make sure it held prime during off-cycle.

    Sold oil pumps and boosters for over 20 years and never had trouble lifting 15-20 ft with a 2-stage pump and a 1-pipe system.

    In fact if there was a 2-pipe system I told the servicetech it would be a nuisance forever.
  • andrew123
    andrew123 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks,on my way to pick up a check valve. Knew I would need that,I'll try the single line first.
  • 776v63
    776v63 Member Posts: 61
    There's a lot of great information here if your ok with reading through the manual.


    Everybody interprets things differently, but it looks like you could get away with a 2 stage M series pump with 3/8 copper with a 15 foot lift. More lift than that, and they seem to recommend 1/2 copper.