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Runtal VLX-VX, UF, and VLX-2

Boon Member Posts: 260
edited February 2016 in Domestic Hot Water
We weren't going to use Runtal because we didn't think they'd fit the character of the house, but after a few comments from Hot Rod & Alan we took another look, got some other opitions, and now we think they'll work out. But...

1. I really hate asking this but the Runtal website isn't helping me at all. The pages for VLX-VX and VLX-2 are exactly the same, except for BTU/ft ratings. What is the difference between the VLX-VX and VLX-2 models? I saw a brochure that referenced fins, but neither web page mentions them. Are fins the only difference?

2. The UF series brochure says, "may be used with water temperatures as low as 140° F" The other VLX-2 & VLX-VX don't say anything about "as low as 140." Does anyone have anything negative to say about any of these products at AWT 130 or 120?

3. It looks like the VLX stand out 5" from the wall and the UF are only 2" ... other than that, their physical appearance seems the same. I saw the UF series at the local plumbing supply place. - sleek. Is there any reason I would want to use the VLX ones when the UF models give me the heat/configuration I need?

EDIT: I now noticed that the VLX has same side piping options and UF does not. I think VLX also offers piping from the rear but for the life of me I can't find that spec page again. Runtal needs a new website.

Appreciate any thoughts,
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