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sanitary pump discharge line shakes

billchat Member Posts: 11
when the sanitary pump turns on the discharge line vibrates and when pump shuts off the check makes a bang noise. i added supports and added clamps. It help but did not totally fix the issue, Any ideas or suggestions


  • aircooled81
    aircooled81 Member Posts: 205
    Pump might be clogged, check the screen on the bottom. I have also seen the checks inside the valve brake off, but you would likely here water flowing back through on off cycle rather than the slam.
  • Abracadabra
    Abracadabra Member Posts: 1,948
    There are quiet check valves to eliminate the "bang" when the pump stops lifting the water and the check slams closed.


    Vibration indicates your piping needs more support and/or the pump might have issues. A good (ie. not cheap) ejector pump will be heavy (cast iron) and the mass should eliminate a lot of vibration.
  • Hilly
    Hilly Member Posts: 426
    Also, is this a new installation? Did you install the proper check? I know a standard ABS/PVC Horizontal check will make a fair bit of noise (the bang mentioned above) but I've witness many of those in a vertical position and it is then a BANG.
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,898
    You could have something stuck on the impellor of the pump that is putting it out of balance causing the vibration. It is a much friendly job to pull the pump while still working than to wait for it to quit completely and have the pit completely full of nasties . With the pump working the pit can be pressure washed with the lid off and clean any solids out of the pit.

    I am blessed in my own house to not have a sewage pump, but only a storm water sump pit. That pump seldom has to run so I rely on the thump (and frequency) of the check valve operation to assure me that it is working.
  • billchat
    billchat Member Posts: 11
    wanted to thank the responders: switch out check valve to Zoeller Quiet check, problem solved.