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Soot on upper half of retention head and very dirty nozzle

RobertL Member Posts: 28
edited February 2016 in Oil Heating
My Beckett AFG..The below pictures are were taken after 5 days of running my home burner, after changing the head to a F3 and further downsizing the nozzle to a .75gph @140 psi.

Does it look like I misaligned the nozzle assembly somewhat when I changed the head? I just checked this mess with the Beckett T501 gauge as it seems to be back a hair, not more.

Look at the crap on the nozzle too.

The oil pump has the Honeywell silver solenoid on it.

Any ideas? Could the nozzle be defective, or just my inexperience.

On the other hand, even with our latest windy -2° low temperature and day time high of 6° cold spell, the heater/boiler kept the home warm, just as warm as the 1.25gph nozzle I replaced, and quite a bit quieter. Burner still was not running more than 68% to maintain our warm home, after the night time setback was terminated and interior temperature stabilized.

Thank you


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,506
    It appears to be lack of air. In all honesty, and not to sound snarky, you decided no one can work on your heating equipment but you...being an engineer and all...
    If you want to continue down this route, why not take the basic oil heat technician class here:
    You have all the tools, and he's the best teacher. Or, find someone here on the wall, near you, there are some excellent people, and pay them to come over your house for the day and educate you, and go over the burner.
    There's far too many nuisances to consider when things aren't going right.
    You seem like a bright guy. I honestly feel if you had someone come over, show you the ropes, set it up right, and not keep fiddling with nozzle sizes and different heads, you would be a happy camper.
    You also now need a new burner gasket.
  • RobertL
    RobertL Member Posts: 28
    edited February 2016
    Thanks for your help, Steve. I reviewed the personal video I made while disassembling and reassembling the unit. To me, it seems the gun assembly was not put in correctly, actually a bit skewed, and not in proper position. I am surprised there are not groves etched in the tube to prevent this. I have corrected my error and also replaced the gasket. Glad I purchased a few of them...



    It appears to be lack of air.
    You also now need a new burner gasket.