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intermittent boiler alarm, Raypak with Versa control

aircooled81 Member Posts: 205
Does anyone know of conditions that would close the alarm contacts on a Raypak MVB IV, but not leave a fault or error code, not leave a historic alarm in the versa tool box?

I have 2 boilers on a roof that are set-up cascade, master follower. The follower manages to close it's alarm contacts intermittently, most often through the evenings or early mornings. This inturn causes the master to alarm as well. Most interesting is these contact closures are only for a second to 15 seconds in most instances, then the boilers go out of alarm. Even weirder is I have monitored the boilers through the day on (4 occasions!) and have not witnessed this in person. I have returned multiple days to view the history on both boilers and there have been nothing in the logs. The only thing consistent is this alarm happens at-least twice an evening or morning, and sometimes upwards of 10 times, every day!

The alarm contacts are wired to the BMS, which sends out e-mail notifications every time the contacts close. Now I have gone through both boilers with a fine tooth comb, checked wiring for loose connections, made sure low voltage control wiring is not in contact with high voltage power, and consulted with Raypak tech support on multiple occasions. They have said no alarm condition can happen without leaving a historic account in the toolbox.
I will next look into the bms wiring as it's a 20vdc signal, that runs through the field wiring terminal block contacts 23 & 24. I will also be installing tattle tales across the relay that energizes the alarm contacts closure on both boilers to identify if the alarm contacts are truly closing, or if the bms dcv signal is being falsely created from an outside source.

I have a protonode wired in to the master boiler, but it is not set up yet, so the bms is not communicating. I will need to get this set-up to see if the protonode will tell the bms what is happening when the alarm happens.