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Modine greenhouse unit questions

overpop Member Posts: 52
edited February 2016 in Gas Heating
I moved to Vermont from my life in the television business, now I'm a heating guy I guess! Installed my own oil fired hydronic system by myself with the help of Pumping Away and Testo. My neighbor is an organic farmer and we are trading food for skills. I took apart one of her Modine greenhouse heaters and cleaned up the wiring. Flames were horrible and checked pressures, all good. Took mixing tube unit out only to find a pillows worth of feathers embedded inside. Re installed but not perfect as the pairs of rows vary quite a bit , I suspect more feathers remain. Not an easy thing to clean and the end caps at the end of each burner row seems to be sealed shut. Questions: any cleaning tips aside from a compressor and if I were to but a new set of tubes where would I begin looking?


  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Oil fired equipment must be tested by professional for the simple fact that there are many combustion procedures that need to right on. There is no "close enough" in this type of fuel. Do not cut corners on this heating equipment it my just cost someone their life!
  • overpop
    overpop Member Posts: 52
    edited February 2016
    I could get into a discussion as to what is a professional job. In my case I ripped out my old Peerless boiler and replaced with a Trio, installed my radiant system, read Dans book, studied the internet and bought a Testo. My profession is working in broadcast television. I am not a heating guy. 86 percent efficiency and so far in 6 months 3/4 tank of oil used in Vermont. Previous installation was a joke. Previous "professionals" were only getting 77 per cent. One reason they never put anything to reduce the draft as their readings were too high.
    But my question was about gas tube mixers and where a good source to buy them might be. I swapped mixing tubes with another units tubes and it works perfectly now.