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How does getting hot water work? How long should it take to get a 40 gallon tank of hot water?

I am not a heating professional so please comment back in simple terms.

I want to understand how heating water and storing in 40 gallon tank works? And also how long should it take to get that 40 gallon tank with hot water.
I have a system 2000 with a Heat Exchanger(HX) and external 40 gallon water tank. Also 2 other zones for home heating.
Say all the 40 gallon is used up and water coming out is not hot, so now cold water, from external source like well, passes through HX say at a rate of 4 gallons/minute and heats water and passes to storage tank. This goes on until at least 40 gallons capacity (for about 10 minutes).
Since water may not get heated to the storage tank temperature of say 150 degrees in one run through the HX, now the circulator stops the external cold water flow and takes the water from the tank and circulates it back to HX and continues this process until the storage tank water is at 150 degrees.

Is this description correct?
How long would it take for this whole process to complete?

It takes about 2 hours for me right now. I had gotten responses from other post earlier.
I am looking at the HX as it could be clogged from non-treated well water.
I have been told to check the dip tube in the aquabank and also 006 has no impeller (meaning that the pump is not actually pumping water through - or something like that)
Thank you for the responses in advance.


  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    on average i find the system 2000 can heat a tank of water from cold to set temp in a very short time (1/2 hour). If your running out of HW at all it tells me something is failing.. have someone take a look at it so you start saving money...
  • zaveri001
    zaveri001 Member Posts: 12
    To Hatterasguy: To maintain the HX once I replace it should doing the maintenance as suggested on website be enough? "And by doing this monthly, it will keep your system working at peak performance and extend the life of the exchanger."
    Do you know approximate cost of Energy Kinetics HX Model 14U part#: 10-0416? The company will not directly deal with users but only through dealers.
  • zaveri001
    zaveri001 Member Posts: 12
    I understand the pricing policy. No problem. Since the company won't give to me directly, I was just wondering about it.

    Also, just regular back flush yearly without acid should do it right?

    I would say that it is 10 years since the HX was replaced so the water quality is bad, but not that bad. Is about 10 years a good life span for HX? And by back flushing regularly it should extend that further, right?

    Thank you.
  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,086
    You don't have to purchase a flat plate HX from them. There are companies all over the place that sell them.

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  • zaveri001
    zaveri001 Member Posts: 12
    Ok, so the problem is resolved. The Taco 006-BT4 has no impeller left was fixed by replacing that by paying $300 to oil company. This part I can get online for $120.

    This did not resolve the issue and the HX Model 14U
    part#:10-0416 needed to be replaced. Energy Kinetics has it listed on there website for $238.

    But they do not sell directly to customers and have to go through dealer so I had to pay $500 to oil company to do this.

    Now the problem is resolved, and I would say it was the HX as now the time of two hours to get a 40 gallon tank of water heated is reduced to 20 minutes.
    This part Model 14U part#:10-0416 for system 2000 was not available anywhere on the internet and through energy kinetics directly to customers.
  • Brewbeer
    Brewbeer Member Posts: 616
    Wow, sounds like you got a good deal.
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