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Wiring for CO interlock/lockout for gas boiler?

My plumber says that NYC code requires new boiler installs to have a CO detector with interlock to boiler that forces a manual reset if CO is detected. My electrician is an idiot and has never done so and isn't interested in attempting.
So I purchased a First alert combo detector with interconnect, a BRK RM4 relay, have wired them seemingly correctly (operative word seemingly) but can't seem to get things to work as hoped.

Can someone walk me through the steps to get this going?
Boiler is Triangle Tube Prestige Solo.
Detector is known good, and properly connected to boiler breaker and functions correctly and has been tested.
RM 4 directions say connect black to black, white to white orange to orange. Done.
The Relay outs are brown/common, Grey normally open, and Blue normally closed.
When I trip the relay I get no voltage across any lines which is unexpected.
I turned off boiler, connected brown and grey to Manual Reset terminals (which normally are factory jumped) in low voltage panel and all I get is a hard lockout. I switched to brown and blue and get the same.
What am I missing here?


  • modconwannabe
    modconwannabe Member Posts: 49
    Revisiting to clarify:
    Is the manual (or auto) limit reset terminal the correct interface?
    If so, what should the wiring be between the relay and manual reset?
    The documentation from Triangle Tube only mentions the terminals, not how to wire.
  • Can youcall the Triangle Tube tech support, and say you are the electrician if they say they will only talk to pros.--NBC
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    You need normally closed contacts. Try wiring brown and blue to the boiler terminal strip.
  • modconwannabe
    modconwannabe Member Posts: 49
    SWEI said:

    You need normally closed contacts. Try wiring brown and blue to the boiler terminal strip.

    RIght though blue is listed as normally open. But I tried both ways. The only way I haven't tried is blue and grey which makes no sense.
    I called BRK electronics and they say it's an undocumented use of their product. That may be so but it and many products just like it are, I thought, routinely used for this purpose. I found this product in a discussion on the Wall in fact.
  • modconwannabe
    modconwannabe Member Posts: 49
    Just to finish this up for the curious who search in the future: I had wired it correctly, just misinterpreted the steps. If anyone decides to wire a CO detector interlockd with their boiler, using a First Alert combo smoke/co alarm along with a BRK RM-4 relay wired to the same breaker as boiler works a charm and is an easy install. Brown/Grey was the correct combination to the Manual Reset, which must be installed when boiler is off.

    I'd have liked to have invested in a smart CO that gave me an alert/notification when it tripped, so will look into that going forward.

    Thanks all to comments.