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Identifying Radiators

My company is in the process of renovating an old school into apartment buildings. The school was built in early 1900's and is heated with a steam boiler/radiators. We know the boiler was replaced in 1980 (Kewanee M-Type), but we have no documentation on the radiators. There was major work/additions done in 1908 and 1934 and we assume they come from those time period. Is there a way to tell? Would they have any kind of markings?

I've attached some pictures of different types in each "wing" (1908 and 1934).


  • vaporvacvaporvac Member Posts: 1,520
    The 1908 look like American Standard. There should be some marking on the rad, maybe just initials. Where are you located?
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  • ConstructionSDConstructionSD Member Posts: 7
    South Dakota
  • FredFred Member Posts: 8,500
    The tube type in the 1934 addition are like a couple I have in my home, built in 1902. These are original to my home. It's going to be Hard to date them, other than some window in time as the companies that manufactured them didn't change styles once they had a model that worked well. They may have added to their line but probably didn't change styles once they had castings. Those in the 1934 addition could be of that period or they could have been acquired used from an earlier period. The 1908 picture is probably from that period and original to the 1908 structure.
  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 14,188
    From what I can tell, the older ones are standard column-type radiators, and the newer ones are large-tube units (not to be confused with the small-tube type which is still being made).

    By the time these were installed, ratings were pretty much standardized between the different brands. So you could use the charts for pretty much any brand.

    Dan's book "E.D.R." contains a lot of different radiator rating charts. Go here to get it:
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  • ConstructionSDConstructionSD Member Posts: 7
    Thanks! Short of a definitive way to identify, I'm happy with the idea that they could have come from that time period.
  • jbmoffjbmoff Member Posts: 73
    My house was built in 1929 with steam heat. Your 1934s look just as mine do. Mine were made by THATCHER and are the larger tube-type like the one shown.

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