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burnham boiler wont fill heeelp

oldburnham Member Posts: 1
Last year i drained system to take out to radiators i now have both radiators capped off when i open my valve on my water line im not getting any water to flow in its not even comming to my circulator pump So i basically have water comming to the backflow preventer to my expansion tank but not down to the circulator pump thanks for any help


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    First, make sure the circulator/system is off.
    Can you show some pics of what is going on-the piping near the boiler? Generally you have a water supply going to the boiler-ball valve, feed valve. Are you saying you are opening the ball valve and no water is going thru the feed valve? Does the feed valve have a fast fill lever?
    If it's going to the expansion tank (assuming steel expansion tank and not diaphragm, you should close the valve to the steel expansion tank, fill and bleed/purge system first, then open expansion tank valve to charge and set pressure. If its going to the expansion tank, it's going into the system.
    Maybe the valves you closed (old gate valve?) aren't actually opening.
    You should have a pro come in (as mentioned on the other site you posted this question). For a pro it's easier to just look at it and figure it out rather then a possible lengthy back and forth blogging.
    But, put up some pics or a short video of whats happening/not happening

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  • ttekushan_3
    ttekushan_3 Member Posts: 958
    I'm guessing you have one of those FillTrol expansion tanks that utilizes the tank pressure to operate the fill valve. The tank's probably flat. A quick way to deal with it: shut off the feed water. Take your bicycle pump and hook it up to the Schrader valve on the back of the expansion tank. (Unscrew the cap). Pump to 12 pounds. You should be good to go.

    If it won't pump up, then the diaphragm's bad and you need a new expansion tank. Typically Amtrol. It unscrews with water off and system drained.
  • John Faust
    John Faust Member Posts: 13
    Had the same trouble a couple weeks ago. Agree with ttekushan.
    One note is to remove pressure from boiler side of tank before pumping up to 12psi.
  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,807
    Those PRV are still out there ?

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