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boilers for sale as of 4 january 2016

leonz Member Posts: 1,155
Greetings fellow board members,

I have two boilers for sale as of January fourth 2016;

First boiler:

33 year old locally made Switzer CWW 100,000 BTU wood and coal boiler.
natural draft boiler with 8 inch flue connection
25 gallons capacity tested for steam use when new by Gary Switzer.
The wood and coal boiler has been used for home heating on a single circulator single loop system.
Boiler has original external tank 3/4 inch internal coil domestic hot water heating set up.
Boiler has 25 gallons of water capacity in water jacket.
Kalamzoo coal shaker grates for nut coal, repaired grate shaker handle
8 inch flue connection
All piping and controls for both boilers will be left on boilers
wood and coal boiler jacket is rusted and needs sanding and painting if desired
2 loading doors and one ash pit door
can accept 24 inch firewood pieces
Firebox to ash pit bottom volume is approximately 12 by 24 by 48 inches tall
ash pit does not have an ash drawer but there is no reason one could not be used as
there is plenty of room for one.

I have a new coal shaker grate handle that was sold to me last winter but I could not use it as it was the wrong size-it is ment for a smaller coal grate with triangle stub ends and I would like to sell it as well as I will not need it, $45.00 and its yours.

The guy that sold to me said it would fit kalamazoo coal grates and it does not fit them as it has a smaller triangle.

Firebox was reduced in size by installing firebrick to increase thermal mass and by using a 12 by 12 by 2 inch piece of channel iron in the rear of the firebox to carry firebrick load which filled rear of firebox to flue pipe breach.
this was done to aid in increasing very poor manual draft due to close proximity of shelter belt of trees on property.

The firebrick can be left in place or removed if desired. The firebrick has worked out very well for my use in burning firewood and coal.


Second boiler

Oil fired Buderus Logana G205 purchased new in 1988
to replace original AVCO Lycoming boiler in home.
Fuel oil was used first and then oil was changed to kerosene due to
freezing and poor exterior tank installation

This boiler has a bottom header tapping used for 2 circulators
in low temperature summer temperature heating settings of
140 low 160 high when used with coal and wood boiler and left
at these temps at all times.

One pump was used to balance the temperature between the two boilers
when burning coal and wood during the heating season and the other
pump which was pumping away to the single heating loop.

The Switzer wood and coal boiler has the original air scoop and bladder
tank piped from the external domestic hot water coil which then connects
to a tee that is reduced for the heating loop and the boilertemperature
balancing pump.

Both B+G 3 speed circulators and thier mounting flanges will be removed and
installed on new dual fuel boiler purchased to replace them

The Riello oil burner will be removed from the Buderus boiler and used
on Keystoker Dual Fuel KAA-4-1 boiler in new installation.

All piping and electrical controls will left on the old boilers where possible at
plumbers discretion as they have to be moved out through 36 inch doors

This Buderus boiler has been used only as a back up heating supply for my home
and has very low hours of use since 1988.

I candidly do not know what the Buderus or Switzer boilers are worth but I would
rather sell them as is, where is, with no implied guaranties rather than see them cut up
for scrap or sold by the scrap yard for heating as these boilers have never given me problems

Boilers are in 14850 zip code area

Please contact me if you are interested as I would like to have them removed/sold the
day of installation on 4, January as they will be in the way otherwise as I need
clear and open access to the second driveway to keep it completely wide open for
the winter to move coal and oil deliveries and vehicular access.

If at all possible, you will need to bring help in loading them and we can meet in Ithaca
at my brothers business to complete the transaction as I am unable to help in loading
themif you want them.

They will be loaded on my dump trailer and they can be unloaded to your vehicle
using my dump trailers heavy lawn mower ramp directly into a low straight truck
or trailer. you will need pipe blanks for rollers or a high lift jack and cart to move
them or simply winch them out of the trailer.

Thanks much for looking,

Happy New Year


  • leonz
    leonz Member Posts: 1,155
    I would be willing to sell the Buderus separately minus the oil burner, pumps and pump flanges if anyone is at all interested.

  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    based on the age, it sounds like good scrap metal to me...