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VXT Low Water Cut Off - error message on number??

YongYong Member Posts: 6

I''m currently using VXT lwco and it has shown "002" blinking on it's display since last night. (Please take a look the photo I attached)

This number was around between "980 - 990" when it was normal. I wonder if this is some kind of error code to show malfunction of it ?

I assume that it's doing it's job (maintaining the water level inside of boiler) well when I read the water gauge. But this starts to freak me out as I'm afraid this can cause another problem....

Thanks in advance all, and any help will be appreciated.


  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 3,493
    Pull the cover off and reset it...
    Hopefully you don't need to add a good deal of water to your boiler.
    When was the last time you had a pro work on the water side of your steam system?
  • YongYong Member Posts: 6
    I just reset it and it's not blinking anymore, but it doesn't give me the number it was before. The number is 001 now.
    Does this mean that we don't have any "functional problem" just display issue? can I simply ignore this number? or should I bring a pro to take a look? Not sure how important this number is representing.
    Btw, I got a pro work to fix a leaking pipe right under the lwco couple month ago.
  • KC_JonesKC_Jones Member Posts: 4,410
    The flashing means the counter has rolled over past 999 gallons. Do you monitor the water usage of this boiler? You should only be using a few gallons per year. How old is this boiler? So the last time you looked it was at 980-990 and then it was at 002. Was that all this year? That would equate to 12-22 gallons in one year. That is excessive and indicates a problem. That water feeder should not be considered a convenience item, you should be checking on that boiler on a weekly basis and monitoring any issues. Excess water usage corrodes a steam boiler and can drastically shorten it's life.
    2014 Weil Mclain EG-40
    EcoSteam ES-20 Advanced Boiler Control
    Boiler pictures updated 2/21/15
  • YongYong Member Posts: 6
    edited December 2015
    Thanks KC_Jones. I moved in this house last year and haven't reset it at all and I'm sure previous owner didn't either. They said it has been a 5 or 6 years since they installed it.
    Now I realized the the number represents the usage of water boiler has used. I thought this number means just amount of water in the boiler.
    I've drained the water of boiler 3-4 times recently this is also why it shows high number.
    Does this number on this device equate to gallon? The manual's saying 8 or 10 gallon per month is proper with boilder within 91,000 - 150,000 BTU. So, should I read 10 on the display as 10 gallon that has been used?
  • KC_JonesKC_Jones Member Posts: 4,410
    Yes it's in gallons. I wouldn't go by that manual at all, that would be excessive usage. I think those numbers are high even if it was yearly usage.
    2014 Weil Mclain EG-40
    EcoSteam ES-20 Advanced Boiler Control
    Boiler pictures updated 2/21/15
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